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What is the difference between replacement liners for above-grounds?

Some liner manufacturers make replacement liners that are different thicknesses. Most liners that come with new pools are 20 mil thick. This is standard. Some liners sold out there are two different thicknesses. The bottom of the liner being different from the walls of the liner. Make sure your getting a true 20 mil liner when replacing your old liner.

Does the color of the solar cover mean it wil heat better?

No, some manufactures make a black solar cover and promote it as heating the water better. This is not true. A solar cover does not heat the water, it holds heat in. A solar cover helps with evaporation, and chemical loss through evaporation, which is how most heat is lost.

What is the average time your supposed to run your filter?

Six to eight hours a day, best when your in your swimming pool stirring up the water.

Is chlorine turning my blond hair green?

No, what turns us blond haired people's hair green is copper from various types of algeacides. If you don't want green hair, make sure that the algeacide you are using does not contain copper.

What factors affect chemical usage?

Number of swimmers, sunlight, water temp., wind / rain, and pH balance. An over abundance of any of these factors will make your swimming pool consume more disinfectant. For example: Above 85 degree water dissipates more chlorine and high pH levels slows disinfectant action.

I keep adding chlorine, but my pool stays green. Why?

Normally, an over abundance of phosphates will affect how your sanitizer works. With phosphate levels high, the chlorine you're adding will do nothing. Since phosphates are what algae feeds on, it is best to make sure your pool is rid of them before adding any more chlorine. Stop in to have the water tested!

What is the best type of chlorine to use in my pool?

There are many different types of chlorine that you will find out there. The kinds that you may see at a K-Mart, or Andersons, is not the best to use for a sanitizer. What affects how well your chlorine will work is the concentration level (of available chlorine), inert ingredients, and if it contains a stabilizer. Look before you buy. Just for example...Sun products contain 99% chlorine, 1 % inert ingredients, and a stabilizer to help hold the chlorine in your pool.

Which is more maintenance, a sand or cartridge filter?

A cartridge filter. With this system you manually have to remove the cartridge and clean it frequently. With the sand, just flip the handle

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